The Big Opening! - 1 Day Left

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The Big Opening! - 1 Day Left

Post by Patikol » Sat Nov 03, 2018 4:56 pm

Hello people!

Welcome to Patikol MTA's website - forum!

Last Sunday there was this big announcement on's Twitter page about Patikol MTA, an MTA:SA game server opening next week - which is tomorrow!

After Patikol MC's success, the time for to expand to more games has come. Patikol MTA is a classic freeroam MTA:SA game server. MTA:SA is a free mod for the famous award-winning GTA San Andreas game. Classic freeroam means that you can do whatever you want in GTA San Andreas' map, in a multiplayer server along with your friends and strangers. Every player has the ability to open a "Freeroam Panel" using the F1 key to spawn any vehicle they like, get weapons, change player skins, modify vehicles and a lot more.

There are no gameplay rules in-game - everyone can do whatever they like as far as they follow the chat rules which you can find in the Rules section.

Ofcourse, a perfect gameplay experience is a major priority, and that's why for once again has selected the best hardware and network to host the server.

If you don't have MTA:SA, you will only need to have GTA San Andreas installed on your PC, and then head over to MTA:SA's website (, download it and follow the simple setup proccess.

So, gather your friends and wait a bit more until tomorrow to join the fun on Patikol MTA!

There will be another announcement tomorrow including the IP address.

See you there!

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